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Gateway School of English (GSE)

Mr Karl Sammut
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Gateway School of English GSE has been established since 2002 and is a family-run and family owned English language school located in San Gwann. In summer we use the San Gwann secondary school as a school annexe for our junior students which is a modern school, very centrally located near supermarkets, cafes and all amenities. The classrooms are bright and spacious and equipped with interactive whiteboards. There are surrounding gardens where students can have their breaks. Video of the facilities here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQHuzmI5gpg&t=3s
GSE always attracts students from all over the world and there is always a good mix of nationalities in our classrooms. All teachers have the necessary qualifications and teaching experience as required by law according to the ELT council regulations. Maximum class size is 15 students per class. Most of our host families are within walking distance from the school however for those that are more than 20 minutes walking distance from school we provide daily transfers to school. We also provide daily transport from the junior residence to school and all transport expenses are included in the price.


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Gateway School of English Junior School, Myrtle Avenue, San Gwann, San Gwann, Málta
Gateway School of English offers all year round Junior Programmes for students aged between 11 and 19 years.

We offer group programmes as well as programmes for individual students who do not wish to travel with a group.

We offer a choice of residence accommodation (junior residence located only 50 metres from the beach and only 100 metres away from Malta’s waterpark Splash & Fun, en-suite bathroom facilities & full board) as well as homestay accommodation within walking distance from the junior centre (school).

GSE also offers a full social programme of activities so that junior students can make the most of their free time in Malta. We offer leisure activities, cultural activities such as visits to historical places, beach activities, sports activities, watersports and many other excursions which will make the junior students’ English language experience with us a memorable one.

The 2020 Junior Programme includes full board accommodation in host families or the junior school residence, 20 lessons per week, 24 hours supervision by our group leaders, airport transfers as well as a day by day programme of activities. Students staying at the residence will also be provided with daily transport from the residence to the school which is just an 8 minute drive away.

We provide 1 group leader with every 15 students and a school representative is present at the junior residence 24/7.
The GSE Junior Residence is located next to the sea and water-park.

It is offered on half-board basis, students will be having breakfast and dinner at the residence and packed lunch will be provided at school or during activities on weekends.

Each room at the residence has its own en suite bathroom and balcony or window with stunning sea views.

A school representative will be at the residence 24/7 seeing to each student's needs.

Every morning after breakfast the school bus will be picking up the students to take them to the school (just an 8 minute drive away).

No student will be allowed to leave the premises on their own without the permission from their group leader or signed authorization from the parents.
We have a mixture of activities including both cultural and leisure activities. Students have activities during the week in the afternoon & evenings and full day activities during the weekend.

Sample Programme of activities can be found here: https://english-malta.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Gateway-School-of-English-GSE-Junior-Programme-Pricelist-2020-resized.pdf
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